Chrome Extension

Can't get enough of the quotes just by visiting the website? How about a Chrome extension that makes every new tab page a new quote experience? Get the Chrome Extension today! Huge thanks to hictooth for bringing this extension to life.

Click here to install (it'll be a fancier button down the line)


If you are interested in what is in the planning for this website, you can follow this Trello board I use to keep track of my feature creep tasks!

Check it out with a click right here.

Special Thanks

From Iantje


hictooth has been a great help in version 1 of the quoting website. Got most problems solved, noticed errors when I should've, still manages the Chrome extension and I bet is allaround a great guy. Pretty cool dude.

Find him on, his blog, or over on Berk's Forumvine.


Lover of all dragons, sniper of most quotes. Gh3ttoK!nG. was arguably more excited about than I was considering I had to program it. Gh3tto has submitted most quotes on this website and was a huge push for V1, which I thank him for.

Find him over on Twitter or Berk's Forumvine.


Website idea, in both domain and content, comes from IcelandicEel. Also the warm welcome to the How To Train Your Dragon community was very much appreciated before I left for like 1.5 years lol oops.

Check out Berk's Grapevine or his Tumblr.