Want to integrate quotes on your own website? Cool! Use the JSON API. With one easy request to you'll get one random quote from the database.


Want a little more control? You can use these parameters to specify what exactly you want:

Parameter What it does Example
id Shows just that one specific quote, all the time. ?id=6
quotee The quotee is the person/character that got quoted. You'll get quotes they said. ?quotee=Hiccup
source Source of the quote. This will make it so you get quotes exclusively from that source. This is only for series/movies. Not for episodes. Use ?episode for that. ?source=Race To The Edge
episode Episode source of the quote. This will get quotes exclusively for that episode. Only for episodes, not for series/movies. Use ?source for that. ?episode=The Eel Effect
user Quotes submitted by a specific user. Will only show quotes that the specified user has submitted (and got accepted). ?user=1
order Will order the API request by the data you want. Can order by anything the API gives back (e.g. id, quotee). If not specified, will give back quotes in random order. ?order=quotee
maxlength Limits the length of quotes. Gives back quotes that only have less than the specified amount of characters in the quote. ?maxlength=20
maxamount Limits the amount of quotes given back. If not specified, API will give back all matching quotes. ?maxamount=10

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