Random Quote Banner

Introducing the hictooth birthday banner BarfAndBel.ch Quote Banner! The Quote Banner allows you to display a random quote from the BarfAndBel.ch database right into your signature, or anywhere else, with the help of generating an image.

Are you on forums all day talking about how great DreamWorks Dragons is? Then, you might want to modify your signature because you've got a great way to show your appreciation to the Dragons franchise!

The Quote Banner also allows all of the arguments the API allows. Want a certain quote to be displayed? Of course! Only quotes from one character? Got you covered. And most handy of all, set the amount of maximum characters in the quote, just like this.

Here is the Quote Banner in BBCode form (the code Berk's Forumvine uses):
HTML? But of course:
<img src="http://barfandbel.ch/other/quoteImage.php" alt="BarfAndBel.ch Quote" />

All Backgrounds

Do you want to view all the screenshots used as the backgrounds for quotes? On this page you'll find an overview of all the images saved on the website.

Special Thanks

There are some people I need to thank because without them I don't know where this website would have been. Maybe even still unregistered.


hictooth has helped a great bunch with code in the early days of BarfAndBel.ch. He created the BarfAndBel.ch Chrome Extension, and published it onto the Chrome Webstore. He also helped with building up my knowledge of PHP and made me realise SQL injection is a thing that exists. He also created the Quote Banner advertised on this very page and wrote the text for people without Chrome to get BarfAndBel.ch for their new tab page. Pretty great guy overall.

Where can I find him?

He has his own website, hictooth.com, and also a blog. Or you might find him moderating Berk's Forumvine.


Even though not helping particularly much with what you see on the website, he did come up with the idea of dragon domain names and, when BarfAndBel.ch was up, came with the idea of a DW Dragons quoting website. So that's what I did. Also, thanks for the warm welcome to the community!

Where can I find him?

You might know Berk's Grapevine, but he too has a (Tumblr) blog.


Oh, Gh3tto, lover of all dragons. How many quotes have you submitted, and how many times have you asked me to get the site up and working. Gh3ttoK!nG. has been a huge motivation to get me going on the website, and has submitted well over a hundred of the quotes in the database by now. Something about at least someone using the website is a HUGE motivation, so thanks a bunch!

Where can I find him?

Even though he does not have his own website, he does have Twitter and Berk's Forumvine accounts.