So, you want to get DreamWorks Dragons quotes for your own project? That's possible. If you know how to get along with JSON, you too can get access to the database with more then 200 quotes!

"So, how does it work?" I hear you ask. At you can generate a random quote in JSON every time the code is run. Since that's probably not enough for what you want, there are a few extra expressions you can use to customise the output a bit. Here are those arguments:

Rows in database: timestamp, id, quote, name, source, bg, submittedby, episode, imgur
Argument Description Example
?id=[quote id] Lets you specify which exact quote to be shown. Quote ids can be found in the full database. ?id=1
?source=[movie/series title] Lets you specify from which movie or series the quote should be from. ?source=How To Train Your Dragon
?viking=[viking/character name] Lets you specify by whom the quote should be said. ?viking=Hiccup
?limit=[amount of quotes] Lets you limit the amount of quotes. Standard set to 1, set to none for all quotes. ?limit=none
?order=[database row] Lets you order the output. Standard is set to random order. ?order=id&limit=20
?length=[max characters] Lets you put a maximum on the amount of characters quotes are allowed to have. ?length=10
?imgur=[true/false] Decides whether an imgur URL is necessary for a quote to appear. By default: true. ?imgur=false

If you use an argument, the default setting is to show all of the quotes assiociated with that(/those) argument(s). This can be limited with &limit=.

Submit what you have made!

I would love to see what you made with this API! There are several ways to get your project noticed:

  1. Post it on Berk's Forumvine. Dragon fans dig quotes.
  2. Mail it to support[at]barfandbel[dot]ch. I check this email daily.
  3. Get the server crashed. Do not do this please.
I'll be sure to let you know what I think!

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